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Notice for Inquiry:

1、This system is only used by customers to query the service information of their own equipment, and cannot be used for other purposes.

2、The query results are mainly based on the data of Gooxi Shipping System. If you have other questions about the query results, please call the customer service hotline 400-8060-820.

3、The query results are for reference only, and the service content is subject to the contract.

4、If the equipment you query has expired the warranty period or maintenance period, you can call the service hotline 400-8060-820 to purchase the renewal service, or feedback through "online repair".

Thank you for reading this service description. Gooxi is honored to provide you with the most professional and efficient after-sales service. Gooxi solemnly promises that its manufactured and sold products have stable performance and reliable quality. There are no issues with the product materials and craftsmanship. Gooxi also provides a series of related after-sales services, including technical support, system maintenance, and product warranty specifically for Gooxi's systems and motherboards. These services aim to help customers resolve issues that may affect their business, such as hardware aging, error reporting, performance degradation, insufficient stability, or any other problems occurring within or outside the hardware warranty period.
After-sales service contact

1. Call Gooxi's service hotline: 400-8060-820

2. Send an email to [email protected]

After-sales service scope

All Gooxi products purchased from Gooxi directly or through authorized dealers or integrators.

After-sales service content

1. 3-month product replacement according to the Gooxi warranty service agreement.

2. 3-year free warranty according to the Gooxi warranty service agreement.

3. Product training and market training services.

4. Technical remote support, including but not limited to 400-8060-820 phone support, email support, and remote support.

5. Parts replacement service (free or cost-based, depending on the situation, determined by Gooxi's professional engineers).

6. Customization services (only for customized products and customers).

7. On-site tracking and on-site repair services (for customers with specific needs).

The following situations are not covered by Gooxi's after-sales service benefits

System repairs:

1. Damage to the system or components/parts during transportation.

2. Servers, systems, or other products not manufactured by Gooxi.

3. Customer-installed additional components or parts in the system that cause damage or malfunctions to Gooxi products.

4. Damage or malfunctions caused by incorrectly assembled components or parts.


1. Accessories delivered together, such as operational materials, peripherals, frames, and covers.

2. Any damage caused by customer abuse, misuse, or improper transportation packaging.

3. If the motherboard cannot be repaired or the required components are discontinued, Gooxi will follow the customer's preference to either return the motherboard "as it is" or provide a replacement product with equivalent functionality. The related costs will be verified with the customer by Gooxi.

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