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Education is a crucial cornerstone for national rejuvenation and social progress. Gooxi is committed to becoming a global leader as a partner in educational informatization. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as AI, big data, and IoT, Gooxi deeply integrates information technology with education and teaching. It aims to provide the essential information infrastructure support for educational reform and development. Through comprehensive promotion of educational informatization, Gooxi seeks to drive the modernization of education, ushering in an era of intelligent education and embracing the arrival of Education Informatization 3.0.

Industry Background

Educational informatization is an important strategic choice for achieving modernization in education and a significant indicator of the level of modern education. In April 2018, the government issued policy documents such as the ‘Education Informatization 2.0 Action Plan,’ ‘Overall Framework for Smart Campus,’ and ‘Higher Education Artificial Intelligence Innovation Action Plan.’ These policies guide the construction of campus informatization from ‘Three Networks and Two Platforms’ to ‘Three Integrations, Two Highs, and One Great,’ and subsequently released the ‘Digital Campus Construction Guidelines (Trial) for Primary and Secondary Schools,’ ‘Digital Campus Construction Guidelines for Vocational Colleges,’ and ‘Digital Campus Construction Guidelines for Higher Education Institutions.’ These guidelines include the requirement for digital resources in teaching materials, aiming to transform from a ‘digitalized campus’ to a ‘digital campus,’ comprehensively promote educational informatization, usher in the era of intelligent education, and embrace the arrival of Education Informatization 3.0.

Solution Introduction

Gooxi Education Cloud Solution is an education industry cloud platform designed to address the current state of the education sector and adhere to policy guidelines. It adopts self-developed hardware and software platforms, providing a comprehensive cloud-based solution for the education industry. The solution is built on cloud computing technology, the Internet Plus strategic framework, and integrated innovation principles. It aims to support the construction of intelligent campuses and provide a robust information technology infrastructure to better support educational reform and development.

‘Cloud’ : The platform's underlying resources are comprised of big data and cloud computing architecture.
‘Network’ : The system integrates resources from various networks, including the internet, mobile internet, and educational networks. The capacity for network hosting, transmission, and interaction continually improves.
‘End’ : The system provides comprehensive support for users' direct utilization of personal phones, fixed terminals, mobile terminals, and various software applications based on terminals.
‘Integration’ : Information technology is fully integrated into various areas of campus life, including teaching, office work, and daily activities.

Solution Analysis

The solution adopts a cloud architecture framework, consisting of three layers: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS):
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): By leveraging cloud computing and virtualization technologies, the solution integrates various resources within the campus, establishing a unified resource pool. It dynamically allocates resources to meet the diverse needs of different teaching scenarios, enabling centralized management and efficient allocation of campus resources.
Platform as a Service (PaaS): A unified management platform is utilized to manage and schedule resources across the entire campus. This resolves the issues of application dispersion and independent business platforms, enabling the establishment of a data-centric smart campus. It addresses the problems of disparate and inconsistent information systems, as well as information silos, providing a high-quality digital management platform for teaching and campus life.
Software as a Service (SaaS): The application layer platform supports various office software applications, and is compatible with domestically developed operating systems, middleware, and databases. It can be deployed in innovative and creative scenarios. Additionally, it supports various teaching software functions and offers open third-party interfaces for adapting school-specific teaching software, catering to the diverse teaching needs of different schools.

Solution Advantage

Cost Reduction and Energy Efficiency
Compared to traditional campus information construction solutions, Gooxi Education Cloud Solution reduces overall system construction costs by 20%, overall operating costs by 65%, and decreases carbon emissions by 67%.

Efficiency and Convenience
By utilizing cloud technology and elastic scalability, the solution can quickly and efficiently allocate resources based on different needs in teaching, office work, and learning. The unified resource management approach facilitates easy administration and maintenance, resulting in high resource utilization.

Security and Stability
The solution employs high-quality, high-performance servers and terminal devices that ensure reliable and stable year-round operation. It reduces operational costs and incorporates unique data protection mechanisms and information security strategies, creating a strong fortress for safeguarding user data assets.

Enhanced Teaching
The integration of multiple networks and the elimination of data silos enable anytime, anywhere teaching. Rapid deployment of pre-class environments, unified desktop management, and prevention of classroom distractions all contribute to the convenience for teachers and students while improving the quality of education.

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