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In response to the rapidly growing demands for fast data processing and high precision applications, Gooxi leverages its years of industry experience and expertise in high-performance computing. They offer fully customized solutions to meet users' specific computing needs, focusing on areas such as drug research, genetic analysis, CAE, EDA, and AI. By optimizing application efficiency, Gooxi helps users achieve better performance in these application scenarios.

Gooxi blade servers offer high performance, high computing power, high density, and low energy consumption

Usually, high-performance computing is accompanied by the construction of high-energy server clusters. With the rise of energy costs, in addition to the investment in construction costs for high-performance computing, the cost of server energy consumption has become an object of increasing concern to users.

The S312-S24R blade server cluster system developed by Gooxi uses intel E3 low-power processors to build low-power desktop/rack-type high-performance computing platforms. At the same time, the high-density structure is also suitable for development teams or scientific research institutions to work quickly Build your own application cluster or test environment in the environment.

Gooxi S312-S24R blade server system and traditional high-performance computing equipment can save about 50% of power. When using Intel E3 1240L processor, the processor power consumption is 25W, 4 cores and 8 threads, and the main frequency is the highest. Up to 3.0GHz, the computing power is 96Gflops, and the power consumption of an E5-2620 processor is 80W, the main frequency is up to 2.5GHz, and the computing power is 120Gflops. Based on 3U12 nodes, the CPU power consumption is 25*12=300W, and the computing power is 12*96=1156Gflops; for 3U dual-socket E5, there are up to 4 nodes, 8*120=960Gflops, and the CPU power consumption is 640W; the overall calculation Come, half the power consumption can produce more computing power. In terms of overall computing, the low-power E3 processor is the biggest advantage. At present, Gooxi S312-S24R products support Intel's latest XEON E3 V3 products, the processor capacity has increased by 44% compared with the first generation, and it has a higher calculation energy consumption ratio.

In addition, for high-performance computing research and development departments or units that do not have professional computer rooms and cannot be equipped with professional precision air conditioners and computer room power systems, there is no environment to use traditional rack-mounted or blade servers to build or rent professional servers. The computer room and equipment in the computer room will inevitably bring a large amount of initial investment, which greatly increases the cost of high-performance computing. Gooxi fusion all-in-one machine can be used for high-performance computing applications.

Gooxi all-in-one machine is a comprehensive computing product launched to solve environmental problems. It does not require professional computer room facilities, professional power distribution and air conditioning equipment, and can be used in offices or laboratories connected to wall power. It has the characteristics of low noise and low power consumption. Up to 14 dual-way XEON E5 processor blade servers can be installed, 48 external hot-swappable hard disk storage, a built-in installation space for a 10G network switch, with an overall status display and control system, internal heat dissipation and dust-proof treatment . Designed for office application environments, it surpasses traditional rack servers, blade servers, and cluster servers in many aspects. It is a new generation of desktop high-performance computers with high stability, high performance, and low environmental requirements. It adopts an overall optimized design, which effectively reduces system power consumption, coupled with its user-friendly design, strong system expansion capability, excellent cost performance and computing density, it can cover a wider range of personal and workgroup users for high-performance For computing needs, compared with traditional high-performance computers, the Gooxi all-in-one computer can provide a more competitive overall solution, and is an ideal platform to better meet the needs of small and medium-sized high-performance computing. The picture below shows the opening effect of 14 blades:

The Gooxi fusion all-in-one machine can be regarded as a miniature version of a high-performance cluster, which provides powerful computing power and storage capacity. In addition, the unique small size of the all-in-one machine makes it an ideal choice for individuals and workgroups and high-performance computing and The best choice for storage users.

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