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With the application of technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and big data in the field of video surveillance, ‘security + AI’ is becoming one of the important trends in the video surveillance industry. For many years, Gooxi has been dedicated to the video surveillance market and has launched an integrated intelligent security server solution based on customer needs, covering storage, management, and on-wall decoding. This solution effectively addresses the problem of insufficient computing power for massive video data and AI processing, promoting the intelligent upgrade of the security industry.

The New Mileage of High Definition Video Surveillance for Gooxi High Density Blade Server

The usual video surveillance system needs to deploy a large number of control and application servers, and then configure the corresponding storage system, switch network, and finally realize the required surveillance video data storage and analysis. Gooxi's S312-S24R blade server cluster system, in conjunction with Intel The XEON E3 V3 processor developed for video processing can quickly build a video processing cloud cluster, and the Intel E3-1200 v3 Xeon processor has enhanced video and graphics processing capabilities, making it an ideal choice for various image applications based on cloud computing. E3-1200 v3 has a built-in HD Graphics P4600 core graphics card. The integrated graphics processor provides hardware acceleration for the video codec through the high-speed video synchronization technology provided by it, which maximizes the performance of encoding, decoding and decoding, and at the same time frees the CPU to Perform other tasks. Its powerful video and graphics processing capabilities provide feasibility for cloud applications, such as providing users with video encoding and transcoding services, providing users with video, live broadcast files, video conference files, etc. Intel E3-1200 v3 also provides built-in visual functions, including excellent 3D display performance, new HDMI 4K support, enhanced deep color (Deep Color) support, and high-definition video optimization technology, etc., and through its redistribution display architecture agreement Simultaneous configuration of three independent monitors and hybrid multi-monitor. These performances are ideal for industrial servers, such as forming digital signage, cloud gaming platforms and other applications to provide smooth video playback, which can further enhance the user's visual experience.

Gooxi 's S312-S24R blade server cluster system 3U chassis includes 12 E3 processor blade servers, a single processor has 2 video processing cores, a single blade can be configured with 64G memory, 2 6TB hard drives, and the entire system can be configured with 144TB storage Capacity, it is extremely cost-effective for establishing a video processing system based on cloud or Hadoop technology. The internal structure of the server is as follows:

The entire server system is designed based on Intel Lynxpoint C226, and the framework roadmap is as follows:

Data center-based graphics takes a quantum leap forward with the new Intel® Xeon™ processor E3 1200 v3 product family. Utilizing the new Intel® processor microarchitecture (formerly Haswell), these powerful processors enable improved server capabilities, opening up a host of new possibilities for the data center. Now you can deliver rich visuals, deliver a consistently smooth user experience, and simplify your data center.

◆Support optimized graphics in cloud environments

New processors Intel Xeon processor E3 series are built to support the extended range of cloud-based graphics requirements. Gaming from virtual hosted desktops to cloud-to-cloud workstations can deliver cutting-edge performance per watt and rendering in the cloud more efficiently. This is excellent news for applications that outsource encoding and cloud partitioning for scale and equipment.

◆Transfer media to any connected device

Handle many different media needs directly from the data center. Integrated processor capabilities enable smooth transcoding of on-demand content, user-generated media, live broadcasts, video conferencing, and more. And by eliminating a hardware component (discrete graphics card), you can dramatically improve performance per watt and benefit from higher density video streaming.

◆Run complex video analysis

In addition to processing video, it can also measure, analyze and interpret streaming content. For companies investing in analyzing big data, the computing power provided by the new processors can help capture valuable data, obtain detailed Automatic serving of advertisements, etc.

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