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Gooxi possesses technical advantages in areas such as domestically-produced servers, cloud computing, and big data. It continuously innovates to meet the needs of society and the public. Leveraging its proprietary domestic platform and IT architecture solutions, Gooxi helps governments to improve administrative efficiency and enhance their capacity for modern governance. The company is committed to supporting the transformation of government affairs and delivering better public service.

Gooxi High-Density Cloud Computing Platform Empowers Government Informatization Upgrade

1. E-government background

The phrase ‘officials talk, citizens run their legs off’ accurately depicts the previous situation where data and information communication among various government departments was not smooth. Business administrators and citizens often had to run back and forth between different government functional agencies such as industry and commerce, taxation, urban management, and development zone management committees in order to handle various declaration and approval procedures, leading to frequent complaints. E-government has been implemented within various levels of government for over a decade, and most functional departments have completed the transition from paper-based information transmission to paperless office operations. The next step is to establish a data connection among various functional agencies, enabling the convergence of data from different functional departments, information-based office systems, and approval systems. This is the "last mile" of government informatization reform and a crucial step in improving data communication efficiency among government agencies and addressing the difficulties faced by citizens and businesses when conducting government-related tasks.

2. Challenges in Data Integration of Government E-Government Platforms

Overcoming the ‘last mile’ to establish a data connection between the informationization platforms of various government functional agencies and truly achieve the convergence of management information faces several challenging technical issues.

1. The existing software system has little room for modification, so how can various information platforms be integrated?

Upgrading government platforms involves not only high technical risks but also potential re-designing of administrative processes and training for office personnel. These changes pose almost insurmountable obstacles for government agencies that already have limited expertise in information technology. How can various existing government software platforms be integrated without significant changes to business flows or requiring extensive retraining of staff?

2. How to achieve low-cost high-density computing?

In recent years, governments at all levels have been committed to streamlining organizations and reducing office management expenses. Limited funds allocated for informationization projects are often inadequate to build server clusters or develop powerful computing capabilities to support the consolidation of multiple functional agency platforms. Centralized management of information across departments becomes a challenging task.

3. How to transfer data between platforms safely and at high speed?

Government information platform databases contain sensitive information ranging from personal and corporate data to national confidential documents. How can the security and integrity of data be guaranteed during network exchanges and transmissions, protecting it from unauthorized tampering or theft?

4. What to do when there is a lack of operational capabilities?

Government departments are typically non-IT technical enterprises with limited network operation and maintenance capabilities. However, these departments have high demands for the stability of their informationization platforms. Equipment failures can potentially lead to unforeseen losses. How can this gap in operational capabilities be bridged?

3. Integration Solutions for Government

With the aforementioned four points regarding the technical challenges of upgrading the informationization platforms of government functional departments and achieving seamless data integration and centralized management among the platforms, Gooxi proposes a comprehensive hardware infrastructure solution. The Gooxi High-Density Cloud Computing Platform is custom-designed for the perfect upgrade of government informationization, helping government institutions complete the last mile of their informationization initiatives.

1. Hardware deployment Solution

1) The computing unit architecture selection
The Gooxi SY321-S24R high-density cloud computing server is selected as the computing foundation for the entire hardware platform. Each Gooxi SY321-S24R server consists of 12 compute nodes. The compute nodes of Gooxi SY321-S24R utilize Intel Xeon E3 series processors, providing powerful computing performance. Based on our practical testing, a single node can support over 1,000 concurrent web accesses per second. Considering that each node already possesses significant computing capabilities and the limited IT operational resources of government institutions, we recommend deploying software systems using a distributed computing model. It is suggested to deploy 1 to 2 informationization platforms for each compute node, with point-to-point Gigabit connections between the nodes. A set of Gooxi SY321-S24R high-density cloud computing servers can support approximately 30 informationization software platforms.

2) Selection of storage unit architecture
Government institutions typically have moderate storage requirements. The Gooxi ST101-S12R high-density storage system can fully meet their needs. Within the compute cluster, the Gooxi ST101-S12R can serve as a file server. Despite its compact 1U form factor, the Gooxi ST101-S12R can provide a maximum raw capacity of 72TB. This storage system also supports 2GB bandwidth through switch connections to the compute cluster, utilizing dual Gigabit ports aggregation technology.

2. Solution advantages

1) High-density cloud computing meets the low-cost deployment requirements of the government

The combination of Gooxi SY321-S24R high-density cloud computing servers and ST101-S12R high-density storage systems is a perfect solution that addresses the practical needs of e-government. By utilizing 4U rack space, it achieves the computing and storage capacity equivalent to a traditional server cabinet. Such a high-density computing system can save a significant amount of hosting costs for government institutions annually, fulfilling the desire for low-cost high-density computing.

2) Sub-item calculation, safe physical isolation of each functional platform without losing centralized management.

Each cloud computing node can independently accommodate the business requirements of a functional platform, allowing for fine-grained subdivision computing. This deployment approach enables the smooth migration of existing application platforms from various government functional departments to the cloud computing system with low risk, thus achieving low-risk centralized management.

3) High reliability, low operation and maintenance intensity

Each compute node can operate relatively independently, and in case of failure, it can be easily replaced.

Each compute node can be equipped with two 3.5-inch standard enterprise-grade hard drives, providing the possibility for system mirroring and backup between nodes. Gooxi's unique design can greatly compensate for the lack of computing device maintenance and support capabilities in government institutions.

4) Why settle for less when you can have secure and high-speed point-to-point connections?
Each compute node of Gooxi SY321-S24R is equipped with two Gigabit Ethernet ports, providing abundant network connectivity options. This allows for easy and high-speed direct connections between compute nodes, eliminating the need for data interaction between government functional platforms to cross network segments. As a result, data transmission is fundamentally achieved with high speed and security.

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