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Gooxi has gained deep insights into the demands and technological development trends within the internet industry. As a result, they have developed a series of high-performance servers that are easy to manage and maintain, perfectly meeting the requirements of internet clients. With their exceptional capability for industry customization and leading product strength, Gooxi is dedicated to becoming a trusted partner for internet enterprises in China. Gooxi will continue to keep pace with the rapid growth of the internet industry, persistently creating innovative products and solutions that cater to the needs of internet businesses.

Application of Gooxi customized micro-server in the Internet

Internet technology has gone through more than 40 years since its invention, from the ARPANET network in 1969, the NSFNET Internet with TCP/IP technology in 1986, and now the total number of Internet users in the world has reached 2.1 billion. The huge total number of Internet users has created a huge demand for Internet services, which requires super-large-scale data centers to serve them. According to statistics, there are 555 million websites running on the servers of these data centers around the world. This is a fully open and highly competitive market. While competing fully at the revenue level, Internet companies also attach great importance to the comparison and competition at the internal operation level. The leading companies in China's Internet industry have also widely used customized server products in their data centers. These leading companies have tasted the flexibility and low-cost sweetness brought by customization. In the foreseeable future, more and more Internet companies will put forward customized requirements for the servers in their data centers.

First of all, the customized server adopts a modular and high-density design, and integrates all computing and storage resources into a resource pool in one chassis to achieve power and cooling sharing. A chassis can accommodate two to four times the number of server nodes compared to traditional servers, but only occupies the same space. When the business needs of an enterprise increase, more server nodes can be easily placed in the limited self-built or rented computer room space, and replicated according to modularization, so as to realize the rapid expansion of the infrastructure.

Through customized server technology, Gooxi provides flexible and low-cost data center infrastructure for domestic medium and large Internet companies, and helps these companies innovate based on their data center server usage and unique application requirements. When purchasing server products Choose a personalized product that meets your own criteria.

SY312 series micro server

Gooxi SY312 series server, 12 Xeon E3-1200 servers can be placed in a 3U rack space, equivalent to 4 times the density of traditional 1U servers, ultra-low power consumption, especially suitable for WEB2.0, CDN, hosting. A lightweight server in the field of customization.

The Gooxi S312-S24R micro-blade server system can save about 50% of the power consumption of traditional high-performance computing equipment. When using the Intel E3 1240L processor, the processor power consumption is 25W, 4 cores and 8 threads, the main frequency Up to 3.0GHz, computing power 96Gflops, and an E5-2620 processor power consumption is 80W, main frequency up to 2.5GHz, computing power 120Gflops. Based on 3U12 nodes, the CPU power consumption is 25*12=300W, and the computing power is 12*96=1156Gflops; for 3U dual-socket E5, there are up to 4 nodes, 8*120=960Gflops, and the CPU power consumption is 640W; the overall calculation Come, half the power consumption can produce more computing power. In terms of overall computing, the low-power E3 processor is the biggest advantage. At present, Gooxi S312-S24R products support Intel's latest XEON E3 V3 products, the processor capacity has increased by 44% compared with the first generation, and it has a higher calculation energy consumption ratio.

SY312 series micro server

In addition to customizing server products for these large and medium-sized internet enterprises, Gooxi also provides customized server products to small and medium-sized internet enterprises. Among the multiple servers customized for large-scale internet enterprises, three servers suitable for small and medium-sized internet enterprises were carefully selected and included in the standard product line, named SY103, SY206, and series servers, specifically designed for small and medium-sized internet enterprises. Small and medium-sized internet enterprises can enjoy the flexibility and low operating cost characteristics of customized servers while not having to bear the cost of server customization research and development.

From the above analysis, we can see that Internet customized servers have the characteristics of optimized performance, density, weight, and power consumption, saving customers Total cost of ownership (TCO). In the long run, as customized servers are widely used in Internet enterprises, they consume less space, energy, and environmental resources when providing the same computing power or Internet services. The internet industry as a whole will develop towards a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly direction, and customized servers will have a long-term impact on the internet industry.

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